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A « gold celebrity » lesbian means a lesbian girl who’s got

only had sex together with other women

, and not with a cis man. They’ve been
that for reasons uknown actually proud of on their own since they have not interacted with a cock before. That you don’t hear this phase that much any longer, and in case you will do, the person is actually for sure, like, 19 years old.

a gold star lesbian is actually a lesbian that never had sex with almost every other gender regardless of women. If they’re employing this phase, they can be additionally probably 19.

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That is thought about a « gold celebrity lesbian »?

After a specific get older, contacting yourself a « gold star lesbian » merely a little sad. In fact, at any get older it’s fairly odd. Through compulsory heterosexuality, straightness is actually re-enforced through all of our sorely patriarchal and heteronormative community. Consequently, many gay ladies and non-binary men and women not surprisingly have a sexual history that also includes cis men. That doesn’t cause them to become different or any much less « valid » than gold star lesbians. They, eg, you should not need a new tone celebrity simply because they sucked some penis in school.

However if men and women require utilizing this term, please know that

it really is only ok to utilize it ironically

. Know that nobody truly cares you’ve just had intercourse with ladies without a person is any a reduced amount of a lesbian simply becasue they have a different and varied reputation for sexual lovers. Basically,

everyone will get a star!

You are gay, which means you’re currently perfect.

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