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He talks of themselves as the an effective sex maniac: “After all that is my personal huge dilemmas

One particular obvious sign that Holden Caulfield, the latest protagonist and also the narrator of one’s Catcher regarding the Rye, goes thanks to a keen existential drama ‘s the sense of loneliness which is each other revealed explicitly and certainly will be observed implicitly when you look at the his habits. Throughout the novel, Holden is not seen having people conversations having household members except for their absolutely nothing sister Phoebe just who he has a highly strong connection with. Provided Holden’s psychological characteristics hence characterizes probably one of the most essential templates regarding the novel; his strong fascination with his sis phoebe and his lifeless brother Allie, the deficiency of mental connection in order to his parents implies for the fragmented structure from members of the family in the post-battle Western area. In spite of how innovative Salinger are, Holden Caulfield wasn’t entirely the item off his invention. It had been also the societal, emotional, governmental and you will historic form from 1950s The united states you to definitely composed so it character and you may promoted him (Dorri, 2018, 3)

Though his mom and dad give his financial means, Holden will not talk about any psychological relationship between himself with his moms and dads

Shortly after Holden becomes intoxicated having sought companionship in almost any anybody and you will failing continually to do it, the guy conveys their loneliness to your after the terminology: “. I became whining and all of. I don’t know as to why, however, I happened to be. I guess it absolutely was since I was impression therefore really depressed and you may flying solo” (New Catcher throughout the Rye, 1951, 198). As the Holden cannot see his need of like and compassion by way of his friends, the guy seeks it compassion in almost any anyone else, some of whom he will not even understand. He asks their classmate’s mommy whom the guy meets toward teach, as well as 2 taxi motorists for a glass or two which have your, however, all of them refuse his promote. The guy fits several nuns on a sub club exactly who work friendly toward him, he gives them ten bucks for their collection and you may feels bad given that he didn’t bring alot more though he has no any religious connections to the result in.

I noticed way more depressed than alluring” (The fresh new Catcher regarding the Rye, 1951, 123)

No matter if Holden is merely sixteen, he attempts to day with different women out-of various other ages, among them getting their classmate’s mommy. Within my head, I’m even the most significant sex maniac you ever before spotted. Sometimes I am able to think about most crumby blogs I would not head creating in case the chance emerged” (New Catcher regarding Rye, 1951, 81). However, a closer study shows that what Holden extremely searches for is perhaps not sex however, compassion. This fact is the best depicted throughout the world as he phone calls upwards an enthusiastic escort but rejects to possess a great sexual intercourse that have her. In the event that escort takes off their clothes in front of your, the guy seems uncanny and you may expresses this with the after the terminology: “I indeed sensed odd when she performed you to. I mean she made it happen so abrupt and all sorts of. I understand you’re supposed getting rather sexy when people will get up-and brings its skirt over its lead, however, I didn’t. Alluring is the very last thing I happened to be effect. Even when the guy denies to have sexual intercourse towards escort, the guy does not want her to leave, since the the guy feels alone and you can attempts to initiate a discussion which have their unique, hence will not make feel to possess their in this context.

A unique indication you to definitely Holden Caulfield is going courtesy an enthusiastic existential crisis try lack of relationship. He simply does not have any a course otherwise a features together with lifestyle. Throughout the book the guy doesn’t speak about one preparations otherwise fantasies about his upcoming except for getting away from the area he lives in. With his alienation on the neighborhood the guy lives in is simply because the guy don’t seem sensible from it. For this reason he more often than not uses the definition of “phony » for many he encounters.